mobil meny SE


We began our journey in a different way from most people in

our industry: as experts in materials and manufacturing.

From that knowledge, we have developed a clear, unmistakable approach to design.

With details you won’t find in many places.

We produce our products with an almost exorbitant amount of care.

You read that right: we make most of our products ourselves. Manufacture, not just

assemble. (As for the things we can’t do ourselves: we work with local companies

close to us here in the region of Småland, in southern Sweden.)

We are just as careful when it comes to design, and we work with designers who

share our view of life:

care for the little things. Those tiny details that complete the whole.


We are a small company.

Our dream is not to become big.

We only want to be big enough to realize all of our ideas.

This means that our products are not mass-produced.

You won’t find us and our products in every room.

And that’s exactly how we want it.

We want our products to be a form of personal expression. An accessory that brings

a room to life.

At home, at the office, in a hotel, inside, outside...there are no limits.

Those small, yet crucial details that create a whole.


We want to make products that are carefully considered. Things that we’re passionate about.

Designed down to every last thought and detail. Form, function and durability.

But also, how and under what circumstances the product is made, with consideration

for our environment.

Welcome to SMD.